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About Rutasoka

Taste of togetherness

Om oss

In 2017, a dream emerged to bring the richness of quality coffee yields into the European market by uniting small-scale producers from Central and East Africa. With the spirit of togetherness, we not only empower African producers, but also contribute to the overall sustainability of the food and beverage industry.

Over time, our catalog has grown to offer a delightful array of snacks that capture the unique essence of Africa, bringing its rich flavors and enticing aromas directly to your dining experience. From cashew nuts to dried fruits to our freshly ground coffee, each item is cultivated with care using organic farming practices and ethically harvested, ensuring a true taste of Africa at your table.

Our mission

Our mission is simple; to alleviate poverty in East Africa by establishing sustainable and scalable value chains that mutually benefit both producers and customers, all while ensuring the preservation of the planet.

Follow along to read more about our founders journey.