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Cores gold coffee filter melitta style

A high-quality 23-carat gold filter, designed to create the best possible coffee for those looking for a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to paper filters.

The magic of Core’s gold filter is that the holes are longitudinal, while other permanent filters often have round holes that can be blocked by ground coffee. These rectangular holes allow the water to flow out. The holes are also punched from the inside out, which forces the water flow to flow in the same direction. The gold plating does not react with the brewing process, meaning no taste from the metal or paper will affect your brew.

A KF4 filter with a capacity of 6-12 cups and a folding handle for easy disassembly. Replaces filter paper with size 1×4.

This filter is perfect for your drip coffee maker, easy to clean and always ready for a brew. For best results use a medium grind.

Please note that we recommend hand washing, not dishwasher. Also note that you may get some sediment in your cup as there is no filter paper.

350.00 kr

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