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Discover the Taste of Africa

At Rutasoka, we connect small-scale producers in East Africa with the Swedish market without intermediaries and provide our consumers with tasty and fairly produced food.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple; to alleviate poverty in East Africa by establishing sustainable and scalable value chains that mutually benefit both producers and customers, all while ensuring the preservation of the planet.

Coffee harvesting

Our berries undergo a careful harvesting process before being transported to the cooperative washing station. At this facility, farmers receive their payments, and the berries undergo a thorough washing to ready them for processing. The first step entails delicately removing the skin from the berries, followed by a water washing process that rids them of fruit flesh. Following this, the beans, still enveloped in their husks, undergo additional treatment.

We partner with farmers that not only cultivate the finest berries but also prioritize environmental sustainability by recycling the water used in the washing process.

Coffee Factory and Packaging

Following the sun drying process, the cooperative workers transport the coffee via truck from the washing station to the factory for husk removal, resulting in the production of green coffee.

Prior to packing, the factory workers, predominantly women, diligently sift through the green beans. This meticulous selection process ensures that only beans meeting our stringent quality standards make their way into the final packaging. This commitment to quality upholds our reputation and serves as a cornerstone for maintaining viable working conditions and a conducive environment at the nursery station, washing station, and factory.

The coffee is subsequently packed into 60 kg bags and transported by road to the bustling Mombasa port, a prominent Kenyan city that plays a pivotal role as a major port serving the East African region. Subsequently, we embark on a maritime journey, navigating through the Red Sea, the Suez Canal, and the Mediterranean Sea, ultimately reaching the port of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Coffee Production and Distribution

Once in Sweden, we collaborate with a coffee roastery boasting over a century of experience. Employing the expertise gained over the years, the coffee undergoes roasting in small batches, utilizing a slow-roast method to guarantee a high-quality production process for the beans. Our diverse range includes various roasting profiles, spanning from medium roasts to espresso blends, packaged in sizes ranging from 115g to 1kg, and available in both whole beans and ground coffee. These offerings cater perfectly to customers seeking exceptional coffee experiences at home, in restaurants, or within office spaces.

The taste of togetherness

The flavor symphony of our coffee strikes a harmonious chord, weaving between fruity and earthy notes. Its aroma gracefully dances through the air, carrying notes of roasted richness and the comforting embrace of toasted hazelnuts. A tantalizing blend, it beckons to coffee enthusiasts eager to unravel the distinctive essence of African coffee—a sensory voyage that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary.